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Rice's Silks


What Makes Silk King Studios Silks the Best?

Only silks designed by Harold R. Rice and produced for Silk King Studios are available through us. The entire line has been world famous since 1929 for its excellence. Our silks are the proper weight, weave, color, and pattern for your magic act. Colors are bright, patterns are theatrical, and weaves are fine and close together. Rice's silks compress into a small space, withstand constant twisting and rolling, have designs that can be seen at great distances, and have hems that will not break down under frequent knotting. Silk King Studios' products are simply the best!

Silk King Studios' silks differ vastly from those offered by other magic dealers:

o Silk Specialists  Founded in 1929, Silk King Studios has long been internationally recognized as the source of the best silk magic products on the market.

o Weave  All SKS silks are woven to order. The finest pure silk thread, spun to our specifications, is used throughout and is never mixed with rayon to cut costs. The threads are uniformly woven close together so the fabric won't readily pull apart, producing a delicate but strongly woven silk.

o Colors  All colors are ultra vivid and sparkle under any lighting conditions.

o Even Pattern  All of our printed silks are scientifically controlled to give an even distribution of ultra vivid color, front and back. There is no "wrong side" of a Rice silk. Both sides are equally brilliant!

o Magic Hem  To avoid exceedingly high hemming costs, a number of manufacturers use buttonhole, picot, or blanket stitch hemming. Our silks, unless otherwise stated, have an expensive flat hem about 1/16" wide, with corners reinforced to prevent unraveling. The fine silk thread used in our hems is identical with that used in weaving the silk. This expensive hem, so essential in magical silks, was originated with Silk King Studios.

o Trademark  Our unique art silks, among others, contain our famous SKS trademark for your protection. Look for it before purchasing your silks for your act.

                                      Beware of Copies and Imitations!

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