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The Profession's Oldest and Largest Distributors of Quality Silk Magic

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About Us

Founded in 1929 by Harold and Thelma Rice, the "King and Queen of Silk Magic," Silk King Studios has long been internationally famous for producing the world’s finest professional quality silks, silk effects, and silk magic books. As the "Princess of Silk Magic," I, like so many of you, admired my parents’ extraordinary dedication and contributions to the profession.

As a child, I spent some of every summer vacation with my parents at magic conventions. I have fond memories of many wonderful magicians and experiences from that era. Imagine the joy of having Harry Blackstone produce a rabbit for me during the 1958 IBM convention and seeing a photo of the moment in the Buffalo News the next day! Over the years, I was treated to wonderful tales about professional acquaintances from around the world until my parents, regrettably, were unable to continue to serve you. The "King and Queen" expressed their strong desire that Silk King Studios remain in the family, and that I take the helm upon my retirement.

I am honored and excited to announce that Silk King Studios is once again open for business! All of the merchandise in this catalogue is from the original Rice collection! My loving husband, Dick, joins me in this magical venture. We thank so many of you who have encouraged Silk King Studios’ re-entry into this unique world.

We look forward to serving you and continuing the excellence that the names Rice and Silk King Studios have been synonymous with for over half a century.
                                                                                  Ruth Rice Crone

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Silk King Studios
6240 Clearwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland

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